Lab members

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Principal Investigator, Group Leader

Associate Professor

Marilena Manolika

Lab Technician (shared)

Vincent Gaggioli

Senior Postdoc

Calvin Lo

PhD student

Ashutosh Choudhury

PhD student

Joanna Paulson

PhD student

Collin Bakker

PhD student

Former Lab members

Yifan Zhu

Postdoctoral fellow

Moved to Dijke lab, LUMC

Sidrit Uruci

Pre-doctoral trainee

Moved to Luijsterberg lab, LUMC

Heura Garcia

Pre-doctoral trainee

Moved to Serra lab, VHIO

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Positions available

- we are looking for highly motivated PhDs and Postdoc candidates

Recquirement  : background of molecular biology / life sciences or equivalent Masters program

Postdoc candidates preferably skilled with genomics and cell biology approaches